Jussi Jaaskelainen is still playing football and the world is better off for it

If you don’t react with a smile, when you find out that Jussi Jaaskelainen is still playing football, then the beautiful game isn’t for you.

And that news only gets better when you find out that Jussi’s son, Will, is also a goalkeeper. And, yep, he plays for Bolton Wanderers, because football loves a romantic script.

Sadly, the Trotters legend isn’t back at the Reebok Stadium – or the Macron, as it’s known now – he is at the DW Stadium with Wigan Athletic.

When football gives you those: “No…no! Surely not; he can’t still be playing” moments, it’s what the game is all about; nostalgia – it’s all the fans have left to cling on to.

So here’s a few former pros that will raise your eyebrows when you see they’re still kicking a ball about.

No, honestly; we aren’t making it up. Ryan Babel really is only 30. Good job these journeyman aren’t playing together in a team, though. Might be a bit awkward to have Didier Zokora and Emre lining up alongside one another in the middle of the park…

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