Hangeland recalls inappropriate Adebayor conversation during a game

Emmanuel Adebayor played for Real Madrid – we must never forget this truly unfathomable moment in football; the biggest club in world football once deemed the lazy, disinterested and ridiculous man, that is Adebayor, to be worthy of their iconic white kit.


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The Togo striker, who is currently out at the African Cup Of Nations despite having no club since the end of last season (says all you need to know about the AFCON), has had a career blighted with controversy, delusion and greed – there’s plenty more ‘moments’ to come, too, no doubt.

Shame really, because the one-time Arsenal striker isn’t too bad of a player. And the following story from former Fulham tower, Brede Hangeland, sums up the renegade that is Manu, perfectly:

“Only played with him for six months but a quick story:

“I played for Fulham and he played for Spurs. We were attacking and I was marking Adebayor in the midfield, suddenly he says “ahhh, I’m hungry”. I replied “what?”. “I can’t wait for the game to finish, I’m so hungry. Do you know a good restaurant in London Hangeland?

“Later when he came to Palace I started to realised where this came from. When we had strength workouts he would sit in the gym with just a cup of coffee and a muffin. He was being paid by City, Tottenham and Palace at the same time, and he was sitting in the gym drinking coffee. Incredible natural talent, very lazy.”

Brede Hangeland

Sadly, Hangeland never did reveal which restaurant he recommended for his starving fellow professional. But all we do know is, that wherever Adebayor ended up that night, he would’ve been dressed impeccably.

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