Each Premier League clubs’ top wage earners will surprise you

Every industry is warped from overpaying to underpaying; there doesn’t seem to be one industry out there that offers a salary – weekly or annually – where you go: “Yep, that’s fair”. The economy is just so Thomas Mullered. 

Football is the devil when it comes to an industry lacking common sense, morals and value for money. And if you didn’t already know that, take a look at what Christian Benteke is on.

Premier League clubs are, quite literally, haemorrhaging money. Walcott dubbed to be on a par with Sanchez and Ozil, two players who are the best in the world in their positions. You’ve then got Hull, who are going to be relegated, trying to somehow maintain themselves as a club by paying Dawson £45k-a-week – let’s face it, no Premier League team is going to want the former Tottenham man.

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