Scotland’s greatest ever starting XI from the Premier League

Ben Mountain

Scotland is not a country that’s renowned for its caliber of football. It does, however, provide some moments of hilariously typical Scottishness. Cue angry Scotsman…

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But this legacy is possibly an unjustified one. Scotland has produced a myriad of world-class footballers over the years and the starting XI below are a prime example of this. As a side note, many quality managers, too. But we’re focusing on the players today.

The highlands have obviously produced the iconic likes of Kenny Dalglish, Dennis Law and Graeme Souness. So football is undoubtedly ingrained in this country’s history. But, having failed to qualify for a World Cup since 1998, what happened to this great source of talent? Well, it certainly didn’t run dry, that’s for sure. But something must have gone wrong along the way, because the Scots below comprise a mean team.

So, in celebration of everyone’s favourite adopted holiday, Burns Night, we’ve compiled the greatest starting XI of Scots to have ever graced the Premier League. Time to forget the haggis and bagpipes, this lot are another, unexpected, class. Och aye the noo!

So, Scottish football isn’t all swearing and hoof-balls. That starting XI could challenge most Premier League teams these days, especially with the ingrained grit of the Scottish guiding them through. It’s a pity that these lads weren’t all born at the same time or we would have been watching Scotland lift the trophy last year in Brazil, surely?

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