Dimitri Payet deserves huge credit for his Marseille move

We live in a world where footballers have all the power when it comes to moving clubs. Why they want to move clubs is usually down to one of the three following reasons; for more money, for more playing time or to go to a perceived bigger club/league.

So when a player like Dimitri Payet moves clubs because he wants to be with is family, to go back to the club he enjoyed playing for and for less money; then Dimitri Payet deserves praise for his transfer out of West Ham back to Marseille, not criticism!

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All people do in this day and age is criticise football players for being sell-outs and mercenaries as they chase as much money as they can and have no loyalty towards the club they play for whatsoever. Fans around the world bemoan how out of touch the professional footballer is to the average man on the street. So, when a player wishes to move away from the biggest and best league in the world for family reasons and even take a 20% pay cut to join a club he loves, you would think this would be celebrated. But no, not in this country. Well, not in east London certainly.

The Frenchman’s reputation has been kicked around from all sides of the English game from fans and pundits alike, as he downed tools and stated he didn’t want to play for West Ham anymore. Basically, to explain this to the average biased morons who are associated with West Ham United, he has handed in a transfer request. A pretty standard thing to do when you want to move to another club. Ask yourself the question why would a player continue to play and train for a club he doesn’t want to be at and risk serious injury which would stop any move going through? Why would he disrespect the shirt by representing it when his head isn’t 100% committed? I wouldn’t, why would you?

Yet West Ham chairman/mouthpiece has come out with the following gem:

“The club would like to place on record its sincere disappointment that Dimitri Payet did not show the same commitment and respect to West Ham United that the club and fans showed him, particularly when it rewarded him with a lucrative new five-and-half-year deal only last year.

To be frank, my board and I would have preferred for him to have stayed in order to make an example of him, as no player is bigger than the club”

David Sullivan – West Ham co-Chairman

Where to start on this piece of nonsense. So first off the player should stay just because you gave him more money? Did he not earn that improved contract with his unbelievable season? Also, the point comes back to the fact he is leaving IN SPITE of this lucrative contract. So the only people making money an issue is West Ham, not the player. He then says he would have preferred to keep him and make an example of him. This statement is incredible. So you would prefer to keep a player away from his family in another country and pay him this lucrative contract you speak of in the process, gaining NOTHING on the pitch for it? Talk about not showing respect.

Speaking of money what the co-chairman, fellow board members, ex-West Ham players and fans seem to forget, or just not realise, is that the club have just sold a 29-year-old for more than double what they paid for him in just 18 months. They have made a cool £15 million profit for which they can bring in players who do want to play for the club. They can even invest in younger players to then sell those on for a huge profit in the future. A huge positive that seems entirely lost on Mr Sullivan who is one of the men in charge of the club. It does make you realise how this club gets itself into shambolic situations. How’s the new stadium move going…?


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For some perspective on what Payet has done and then the reaction of West Ham, have a look over on the other side of London at Chelsea with Diego Costa. This is a player whose agent was over in China discussing huge potential transfers, who faked injury in training because he couldn’t be bothered and then is using the China offers to blackmail his club into doubling his wages or he will leave. Yet because he still plays, he is a Chelsea hero and no one says a word about him? How does that work?

How can a player be actively blackmailing his club and have the shame to wear the shirt on a Saturday in front of 40,000 fans but still have his name sung in delight? Where Payet wants to follow his family back to France because they couldn’t settle in London, take a pay cut to do so and doesn’t have the shame to carry on representing the club as his head and heart is not in it but he is compounded as a traitor/scumbag lacking respect? It baffles me. Diego Costa should have been kicked out of Chelsea by now but because he still can score you a goal or two all is forgotten and ignored?!

I thought the game of football was gone because of the players’ attitudes, but it isn’t. It’s the idiot fans and board members. I’m not surprised the professional footballer has lost touch with the average fan on the street…because so have I.


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