The contempt fans are treated with highlighted further by Bojan’s open letter

The player that Bojan was supposed to be, was based around nothing to do with the Spaniard’s actual talent; it was media hyperbole, due to the fact he was young, similar in stature to Lionel Messi and played for Barcelona.

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The latest decline in the diminutive playmaker’s career, has seen him join Bundesliga outfit Mainz, on loan for the remainder of the season – with Bojan seemingly unable to standout against the likes of Marko Arnautovic, Peter Crouch and Ibrahim Afellay.

Eventually Bojan will settle at his level, which is potentially at a mid-table Bundesliga side, such as Mainz, and the Barcelona connection will fizzle out.

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Upon leaving the Bet365 stadium, Bojan, who made just 50 appearances for the Potters, felt the need to pen an open letter to the supporters.

Open letters have changed history, made statements and ended disputes. However, we are in a time where open letters, usually penned on an iPhone’s ‘Notes’ are now deemed warranted from a player who has 14 goals in half a century of games.

The false sense of intimacy in open letters, and especially someone as disconnected with Stoke as Bojan, is filled with an overriding sense of: “Look at these peasants, genuinely thinking I can care about them and their club. Throw them a bone, Mr Social Media Manager.”.

Bojan’s need to pen an open letter comes from the fact his social media strategy suggests it would be a good idea; great engagement to hit those social media KPIs and keeps the fans on side. It also comes from a belief that all sportsmen and women seem to have, a sense of importance that means your communication shouldn’t be limited, in the way it is for the average joes who come to watch you.

The only good thing to come from the former AS Roma attacking-midfielder’s letter is the fact he – read: his Social Media Manager – doesn’t hyphenate the word teammates. Although we question just how much of a rapport Bojan had with Charlie Adam, Ryan Shawcross and Jonathan Walters.

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