The man to trump Henrik Larsson’s Celtic legacy

Henrik Larsson, the man with one of the strangest CVs. In terms of footballing ability, the Swede’s barely got a black mark to his name; adored in the Catalan region, a fan favourite – for playing all of 13 matches – at Manchester United, and probably the biggest Celtic FC legend going; the striker is literally a demigod in Glasgow.

Larsson’s managed to develop quite the reputation off the field, if he’s not taking on Swedish ultras, he’s making a name for himself on British daytime television show, Pointless.

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As if that show needs more banter with the likes of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman running things.

As the old saying goes, ‘when one legend leaves, another one is born’, and Celtic FC have just that in replacing the Hoops’ favourite striker. No, we’re not talking about Scott Sinclair – who couldn’t hit a barn door in England, but looks like a decent prospect against Inverness – it’s the former Fulham forward, Moussa Dembéle. The Frenchman is looking like some player with 20 strikes to his name in 38 games this season. The value the club put on the young lad is clear, with Brendan Rodgers treating him like Joe Allen, as Chelsea looked for the 20-year-old’s signature in the January transfer window.

“We had to make sure the physio didn’t lose sight of him down there [London]”.

“Ironically the hospital he was in was in Chelsea, believe it or not. So I said to Tim, be like Franco Baresi and just stay tight to him.”

Brendan Rodgers

The former Fulham man is looking that good, he’s already surpassed Larsson’s 19 strikes in 46 appearances that the Swede clocked in his first season. And, with the Frenchman’s recent snubbing of Chelsea and throwing his support behind the green and white army, it could see the birth of a very special relationship, seeing the young lad better the legacy left behind by Larsson.

Looks like Moussa ‘ain’t f*****’ leavin’.

Have a look at the chaps who weren’t as loyal as the Celtic forward…

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