Arsene Wenger has responded to Arsenal Fan TV regulars

Adam Brown

Arsene Wenger was seen speeding off from the training ground in St Albans earlier today and was in no mood to talk to reporters. Appropriate timing really, given that they’ve lost back-to-back to Watford and Chelsea.

Naturally, the fans were not happy, and of course those on Arsenal Fan TV had words for Wenger and his sorry men.

After speaking to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, it seems that when Wenger walked into the dressing room, some players were watching Arsenal Fan TV on their phones – news soon spread of the criticism which the French manager was receiving from the channel. In an unfortunate incident of timing, Wenger had walked into his own dressing as fans chanted “We want Wenger out” on the video, to which he only had stern words for.

“What is this you are watching? Why do you care for the fans opinion? They are our customers who pay over a thousand pounds a season to watch you bunch of idiots. It is your fault they feel this way. I don’t know why you are laughing Mustafi, I’ve seen better defenders at Socceraid games, in fact, I’ve seen better performances from Sebastien Squillaci.

Does anybody here actually care that we have just been embarrassed by Chelsea and Watford? Ramsey, you played so bad you had to fake an injury, no wonder the fans call you a ham roll.

Ospina, you were our best player against Chelsea and you didn’t even play.

Since no one seems to care, I don’t either. Go home.”

Arsene Wenger’s dressing room rant.


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But it isn’t just Arsenal fans he has to worry about, the country is taking notice and like a heard of predators come swooping in whenever there’s a bad result.


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Mercifully, the Arsenal board released a statement in regards to the shenanigans taking place…

“The board thank Arsenal Fan TV for their views on the club but accept no responsibility in light of the recent performances against Watford and Chelsea. When referring to the Premier League table, we are currently in 4th place and therefore on track to achieve our target this season.

Arséne is doing a great job as always. As requested, we have checked over Petr Cech’s papers and can confirm that he is not an agent, only a victim of multiple goalkeeping errors. We expect him to return to form soon.”

Arsenal Football Club

Whilst rival fans may head to Arsenal Fan TV to bathe in others despair, as a channel, their regular fans do make plenty of good points. They’re not a bunch of clueless fans and probably deserve credit. More fans should show similar passion. Why shouldn’t Mesut Ozil be dropped if he’s not performing? Why doesn’t Wenger start with more pace in attack? Their fans are right.

Look at the likes of Claude. The man every club needs, pure passion and care for the club. He’s brutally honest and that’s what football needs. On the opposite side, there is of course Ty, whose glass is always half full. It’s almost never his beloved players fault, he tries to keep things positive. “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” is a quote which we can assign to this man, and his style is actually useful when you’re surrounded by negativity. We spoke to Ty earlier about the Chelsea game.

“The Chelsea fans may have took my hat but you know what, they probably need it more than me. Am I surprised? No. The entire Premier League is aware of the sort of behaviour we can expect from Chelsea fans.

We’ve seen countless examples. Saying that, they’ll probably consider placing my hat on eBay to fund their, ahem, habit – but that’s none of my business. Congratulations to them. Have a good day.”

Ty. Arsenal Fan TV regular.

He is indeed correct. There were also reports that Robbie, who runs the channel, had his car broken into and had some items stolen. Chelsea fans insist on ruining everything it seems.

CLICKON reporters attempted to contact ‘Troopz’ for his thoughts on Wenger cancelling training…


*No answer*

Wenger out fam. Say no more.

Troopz voicemail message

‘Troopz’ and ‘DT’ are getting a bit of stick for their views which have always been quite critical of Arsenal at times, but it’s only took a few bad results for more fans to start agreeing with them. Arsenal fans are a shambles at the moment, and these two prophets have predicted what would happen. Fans were even fighting with each other in the stands over the Wenger in or out debate – it’s all becoming a bit of a shambles.

In fairness, whilst these two are very critical (and amazing to watch after a defeat) they do make plenty of solid points. It’s easy for others to sit back and laugh at their anger, but these actually are hardcore fans who go to every game. It’s naive to think that Arsene Wenger and the board are right with every decision to make because they are placed in the hierarchy of football. Does this automatically give you the football knowledge and opinion to override others? No. The fans are right too – and whilst Arsenal Fan TV does have some fans who make moronic comments, the regulars are often spot on.

Although we aren’t sure we want to be in a world where Ty & co are correct…

Not sure what’s more of a joke: Theo Walcott being Arsenal’s highest earner, or Arsene being in danger of not finishing fourth this year… 

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