Jurgen Klopp’s grip on the media has gone too far

Ben Mountain

When you think of Jurgen Klopp, what do you see? A big, smiley German fella with a beard. Sounds about right, no?

It does; we all love a big, smiley German fella. They make us think of Bavarian villages and beer steins. How merry. But unfortunately all of this merriness has now seeped from Herr Klopp’s tankards and into the British media. His beaming smugness is plastered across websites, the back pages and our Twitter accounts to an annoyingly excessive degree.

Did you know that he once said “boom!” in an interview, for example, and now it’s the only two seconds of footage that you’re permitted to see every time anything goes even slightly right for the German’s Liverpool side? In fact, amazingly, it’s the second most searched term that accompanies “Jurgen Klopp” on Google. Yep, “Jurgen Klopp wife” and then “Jurgen Klopp boom”. Christ, we’re not sure which is worse.

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But it’s okay, because the Merseyside gaffer has a bit of banter with some journalists every now and then as well as physically celebrating the fact that his club have scored from time to time. Yes, that big grin has become so popular in this country that we now revere the man for celebrating success and cracking a cringey joke. What incredible attributes. He simply must be worshiped.

But now this popularity has started to cause problems. In Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea last Saturday; Jurgen Klopp rather intimidatingly informed the fourth official, Neil Swarbrick, of his opinions on the match. By which we mean he stormed over and aggressively bawled into the man’s face for a while. This outburst saw the FA charge him with precisely nothing. Not one sanction. Can you imagine any other manager getting away with demonstrating such aggression?

We’re not quite saying that Klopp should be done for GBH and pay for poor Swarbrick’s PTSD counselling, but a touchline ban would have gone some way to showing that the FA issue disciplines fairly across the league, to all characters, without being influenced by how much the media favour them. Jose Mourinho has recently declared that:

“I am different. The rules for me are different. I am different in everything, I watch my team play in a hotel, I was forbidden to go to the stadium, my assistant [Rui Faria] had a six-match stadium ban and he didn’t touch anyone.”

“If you don’t know football you shouldn’t have a microphone in your hand.”

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The Manchester United gaffer was speaking in frustration after being asked to sit down whilst his United side ground out a bore-draw with relegation strugglers, Hull City, as he appeared to be showing a touch too much enthusiasm. Jurgen Klopp, on the other hand, was told “No problem, I like your passion” by the fourth official who went home with a face well and truly distorted by an industrial-hairdryer impersonation from the Liverpool boss. It all seems a little warped. Yes, Mourinho’s comments were a bit self-important and called for the sympathetic violins a tad too much, but he does have a point. Should the Portuguese have raged in such a fashion during a game, he’d surely have been reprimanded in some way or the other. In fact, wouldn’t most managers?

Sadly, it would appear that Klopp’s nice-guy image is shielding him from criticism across the board. Even when it comes to his club’s performance. In fact, Liverpool haven’t won a league game all year and have slipped* from the title race in typical Liverpool fashion.

*No Gerrard intended.

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But, has anyone heaved out the guillotine for the German? Absolutely not. He simply has the luxury of hiding behind a continuously looping series of vines when things go wrong at Anfield. What’s that? Liverpool are ten points from first, having been a close second at Christmas? Huh? They were knocked out of both the League and FA Cup in the space of three days? Really? So that’s not one competition that they have a chance of winning left?

Wow. Anyway, you seen this funny compilation video of Jurgen Klopp raising his eyebrows and talking with a silly accent? It’s the dog’s, people.

Whilst everyone can give a wink to the right reporter and drop a quick one-liner here and there (Nigel Pearson excluded), not everyone can expertly manage a football club in the Premier League. Or, for the matter, control their temper on the sidelines. Mr Klopp needs to start doing less of the former and more of the latter. And as for the FA, they need to start overlooking every “boom!” and continental witticism and punish the man accordingly. If they fail to do so, we fear that we might start seeing the aforementioned Jose Mourinho adopt the charming “boom!” style of speech. And, please, who needs to see that? Sort it out, boys.

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