Comparing NFL stadiums to European soccer venues

Going to any sporting match is an experience like no other; nothing beats it. From getting in a pitcher with your buddies, to talking about your predictions for the line-up – it’s quite simply, the best day out.

When you walk up those steps to the ground, and are overcome with the noise – Arsenal fans are yet to understand that – the atmosphere is unbeatable; goosebumps. Doesn’t matter whether you follow Carlisle United in League Two, or the Seahawks in Seattle, the emotional investment fans put into their sides is equal, and just as exhilarating.

However, as much as we all want to go to the depths of north England in Carlisle, the stadiums in the United States are special. But how do they compare to the best soccer stadiums in Europe?

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Not a bad set of stadiums. Special mention must go to the Santiago Bernabéu, the Yankee Stadium and the San Siro. All amazing stadiums within their own right, yet the Bernabéu is more of a library than the Emirates Stadium, at the San Siro  – this may be too personal – but the home fans chuck urine on you, and there’s stadiums in the English Championship that can hold more people than the Yankee Stadium.

Good enough reasons?


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