Paul Pogba is heading towards a restraining order

Joshua Byers

Paul Pogba might be wondering what he’s got himself into after his world-record move to Manchester United. It was reported that Real Madrid – a club who he is said to dream of playing for, under hero Zinedine Zidane – were interested but a combination of factors, perhaps most pertinently the greed of Mino Raiola, resulted in a return Manchester.

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Pogba’s performances have ranged from highly promising to outright shocking, but have so far failed to warrant anything like the price paid, and the move has also provided some awful moments off the field. Between the horrendous ‘Pogback’ PR campaign and the hashtag he had dyed into his hair, the Frenchman must be wondering why he didn’t wait a year before trying once more to engineer a move to the Spanish capital, where he would have been free from ludicrous advertising demands and playing with Marouane Fellaini.

The midfielder is not crying over spilt milk, however, and appears to be taking a Red Devils renaissance into his own hands through a personal recruitment drive.

It’s no secret that United – alongside pretty much every club in the world – would love to sign Antoine Griezmann, and Pogba is said to be working desperately at realising that ambition.

Indeed, the infamous dab king is said to be on the phone to Griezmann “almost every day” in his bid to lure the 25-year-old away from Atlético de Madrid.

The question is though: What if Griezmann really doesn’t want to move? You would presume this was the case, as surely it would only take one phone if he were convinced that the idea was in his best interests. For Pogba to be calling incessantly, Griezmann would have to be pretty on the fence at best.

Indeed, Griezmann has stated in the past that he will only leave Los Rojiblancos if manager Diego Simeone leaves, and has even hinted that he would like to follow the Argentine wherever he goes. With El Cholo determined to coach the clubs he was a player for, and Mourinho at United, the prospect of Simeone at United is very unlikely.

This isn’t to say that Griezmann won’t end up at United of course – there’s depressingly little that money can’t make happen in football these days. Maybe this is one player who actually feels like doing things his own way rather than being manipulated by agents and currency though. Assuming that this is the case: We know you’re lonely, Paul, but please just let Antoine make his own decisions. It makes us feel pretty sad to imagine the charismatic young forward dismaying as he looks down at his mobile to say ‘Paul’ yet again. You have to wonder where Pogba even gets the time?

We have to confess to being a little biased though; the lack of imagination that a United side crying out for players in various positions just going out and breaking the transfer record for a second consecutive season would be ugly and no good for the Premier League’s already questionable reputation. Also, we really don’t want to see a repeat of this cringeworthy video the pair made during the European Championship.

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