Frank Lampard’s radio phone-in is why we love Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard: whatever your colours, whatever your nationality, you can’t help but love the Manchester City legend. The guy’s more likeable than Juan Mata.

And Frankie Lamps has given his fans another reason to love him more when looking back at his radio phone-in on LBC with James O’Brien. To quickly set the scene, Lampard’s sister was listening to O’Brien’s show, and became disturbed in the conversation depicting Lampard as a ‘scumbag’ for allegedly leaving his then-ex-fiancee, Elen Rives, live in a small flat with the couple’s two daughters, whilst Frank was still residing in an £8.5million house.

“I’m not sure about being painted in the papers as a bit or rat. The reason I’m calling in is my sister just called me up and said she had been listening to the show and she was slightly distressed particularly by your comments calling me weak and scum. Is that right?”

Frank Lampard

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With O’Brien twisting the story as much as possible, the radio DJ did his best to wind up Frank to the point of making the whole story a personal attack…

“If you describe something as a bachelor pad, Frank, the general assumption is going to be that it’s not a family home.

I was asking questions to which you are providing some answers. For me if you’ve got little girls and this is going to sound awful, I have little girls of three and one, I can’t conceive of any circumstances in which I wouldn’t fight tooth and flipping nail to hold my family together.”

James O’Brien

Who does the bloke think he is? Calling out Frank, as if the former England midfielder isn’t trying to fight for his own family going through a break-up. O’Brien was also picking a confrontation with the wrong footballer, as Frank was known as The Professor at Stamford Bridge after scoring a higher IQ than Carol Vorderman. And, remember how hard those latin lessons were at school? Well, Frankie Lamps managed to bag himself an A* back in the day – hardly your average footballer who can barely articulate a sentence together.

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Lamps goes on to bury O’Brien in the second-half of the interview, causing the LBC DJ to apologise unreservedly.

“I have to wake up and then listen to idiots like you say ‘I read this and this is what he is doing’. And it is wrong. But, I have to put up with it and I keep my mouth shut.

But, today, the only reason I ring you is because my sister is distressed and as I said to you earlier it is the anniversary of my mum’s death. Do you think my sister needs to hear idiots like you saying it on the radio station?”

Frank Lampard

The way the former Chelsea man gets his point across, without going off on a tangent and constantly repeating himself on a contentious issue shows the sort of character he is. It’s also another reminder of how the media – gulp – can be a place of damming free speech amongst people in the public eye. Still, there was only one winner in this scenario.

Does Frank make it in to Arjen Robben’s all-time XI? 

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