Kante claims make Wenger an even bigger laughing stock than he already is

Arsene Wenger is currently trying to pretend to the world that Francis Coquelin is class, that Petr Cech isn’t having a jolly in London at Arsenal’s expense and Gabriel represents something other than a complete liability.

It’s a shame that Wenger’s Arsenal tenure has become that, when it quite easily could’ve been Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Yaya Toure running out for the biggest club in London.

That’s if you believe Le Professeur…

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The long list of world superstars that Wenger came close to bringing to Highbury and then the Emirates Stadium has reached a comical length.

At first, you give Arsene his due; he’s a phenomenal manager, had a lot of success, so it stands to reason that the top players would, at the very least, be in discussions with joining Arsenal. However, as the years roll on, and the Gunners stagnate and decline, the soundbites from Wenger grow that little bit more tiresome.

“I tried to sign Kante when he was in France and when he was at Leicester.

“We cannot explain everything – transfers are transfers – but it is quite obvious when you look at where he has gone.”

Arsene Wenger


The saddest thing about the whole Kante declaration from Wenger, is you have to now question his motives for doing so. Is the man in control of every fibre of Arsenal’s DNA motivated more by achieving his own personal legacy, rather than what’s best for Arsenal Football Club?

Announcing that Arsenal tried and failed to sign N’Golo Kante, served no purpose or benefit to the Gunners. It merely highlighted the struggles they have at maintaining relevance at the big boys’ table.

But at least Wenger got across that he (supposedly) knew about Kante before his heroics at Leicester City, strengthening the opinion that Wenger knows how to spot talent. However, Wenger is either getting tired or careless, because  if you tried to sign Kante from Caen, Arsene, why did Leicester beat you to the signature??

I’ll take £10 on Wenger never having heard of Kante until he joined the Foxes, and that if Wenger admits that to himself, he’ll have to admit he’s past it – something we all struggle to do.

If Wenger does the correct thing and steps aside at the end of this season, Arsenal won’t be short of options!

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