Historic British attendance photos from football’s glory days

Football debates have become more and more trivial, with fans getting bogged down in transfer fees, net spend and wage bills. The debates no longer take place in the stands, they take place in the form of 140 characters on social media. Substance, insight and knowledge are no longer attributed to fans when discussing the beautiful game.

As the game moves further and further, quicker and quicker away from its roots, fans continue to try and cling onto any form of relevance they can, despite the fact football no longer needs them.

So as we draw closer to the governing bodies officially declaring that fans are no longer needed, let’s jump into the footballing archives and remember the times when football was about seeing the match any way you could.

Funny thing is, even if you could climb into the Emirates, St James’ Park or Carrow Road nowadays, you wouldn’t want to. If you wanted to see a bunch of overpaid and overrated people, you’d just come see us at CLICKON’s offices.

And even funnier than that, is the fact that in 100 years, every single club would’ve broken their current attendance records (most stand from the 1930s-1970s). Apart from Manchester City, who will never ever sellout the Etihad – managed to sellout the club, though.

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