13 players you won’t believe scored on their debuts

Making an impact in your professional football debut is a hard thing to do – but it’s not impossible. Some critics would have you believe that the planets need to align perfectly and your timing needs to be impeccable, when in reality you just need to stay focused and sometimes you may get lucky. With that in mind, these 13 players certainly made their presence known to the footballing world.

You’ll probably know a few of these guys and what they can do on the pitch more than others, but let’s not kid ourselves here – they are not all born goalscorers. That’s the problem with a good debut; the expectations for the rest of your tenure at the club are automatically risen, and it’s tough to live up to that.

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There are some forwards, midfielders and even a defender or two but make no mistake about it, they’ll all be telling their grandchildren about their debuts for years to come. Why? Because it’s a pretty cool thing to brag about, in all honesty. Plus it may be their only career highlight of note.

Not that James Wilson’s grandkids will be him…

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