7 loan players who scored against their parent clubs

We can’t imagine that being told you’re going out on loan is a pleasant feeling. It’s almost like keeping an ex-girlfriend on the hook by saying oh, we can still be friends – but we just can’t be together right now. Unfortunately that kind of thing always comes back to haunt you, and in this instance these lot made their moment count when they came face to face with their parent clubs.

Some may call it justice, but really it’s just a fairly awkward situation. The team who concede the goal feel a burning sense of anguish, which makes sense. Meanwhile the player himself knows that if he celebrates too hard, then his return to the club that loaned him out will feel like one of those awkward family get togethers where nobody actually likes each other.

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Facing off against teammates you either secretly wanted to batter or loved like a brother isn’t easy. It’s one of the more difficult aspects of the beautiful game which ever way you look at it, but at the end of the day it’s a job. Fans who get too offended by these kind of strikes need to man up, have a Snickers and go outside for once.

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