Misplaced Reinforcements: TSM Svenskeren Remains Exposed In Six-Man Roster Plans

In spite of AD carry Jason “Wildturtle” Tran’s announced departure from the Team SoloMid, the reigning North American champions have reiterated their intent to field a six-man roster for the forthcoming Summer Split. The proposed shared AD carry position between WildTurtle and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng inevitably proved to be untenable, yet TSM will continue to search for reinforcements in the ADC position – a resource that may be better utilised to back-up underperforming jungler, Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen.

A harmonious six-man roster featuring both WildTurtle and Doublelift always looked unlikely; the proposed roster put forward by the North American heavyweights seemed unachievable given the gravitas of the two AD carries on their books. Given that Doublelift was brought in as WildTurtle’s replacement, it was difficult to imagine a scenario in which the former Immortals man would be given the nod over Doublelift.

Team SoloMid initially outlined that the two ADC’s would focus on their own quota of diverse strategies, though finding a strategy in which WildTurtle presented a better fit to Doublelift provided a head-scratching predicament. Whether the organisation intend to employ the roster’s future addition in the same manner, will naturally depend on the name added to the squad.

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“In light of this departure, we are still resolute in our commitment to run a six man roster for the Summer Split.

“As such, we are announcing our search for a second AD Carry to replace WildTurtle. To recapitulate our goals: we are aiming to have a team dynamic similar to that of C9’s Impact/Ray.

“We are looking for an experienced player who will grow under the team’s leadership and worthy of the trust we had in WildTurtle.

“This second AD Carry will be sharing play and scrim time with Doublelift and is expected to carry out the same duties of any member on the team.”

Team SoloMid Official Announcement

The move to split Doublelift’s scrim and match time is a curious one. At his best, whether he is playing a utility carry or a selfish hyper-carry, DL is undoubtedly the best AD carry available in the NA LCS. Having departed FlyQuest to make room for WildTurtle, Johnny “Altec” Ru is available in the current transfer market.

Altec is certainly good enough to be a substitute ADC for Team SoloMid, though whether he provides a legitimate strategic alternative to Doublelift tenuous; an addition from the eastern regions could offer a fresh play-style in the AD carry position.

Motivating starters, offering strategic diversity and relieving stress are all advantages of employing a six-man roster – though if one position within the Team SoloMid lineup was highlighted as needing reinforcement, it would not be Doublelift’s post at AD carry, but Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen’s jungle.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Svenskeren looked out of his depth at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, a disappointing tournament performance to follow an inconsistent NA LCS Spring Split. One of Team SoloMids’s primary causes for failure at MSI 2017 was Svenskeren’s unwillingness, or perhaps inability to change his playstyle and adapt. Regardless of the game state, the Danish jungler continued to invade his opponents and go for risky vision plays, a ploy that was punished heavily on multiple occasions.

A jungle substitute could provide Team SoloMid with a much-needed alternative, particularly during Svenskeren’s dips in form. There’s no doubt that, when he’s firing on all cylinders, Sven is one of the most impressive junglers playing in the North American region, but perhaps reinforcing the TSM jungle position with an exciting young talent would push the Danish star to improve his game.

Svenskeren is currently the one prominent weak spot in Team SoloMid’s roster, the one area in which the team could strengthen significantly. Perhaps the challenges posed by developing synergy with a new jungler was a dissuading factor, particularly given the limited amount of time until the all-important World Championships?

Whether Team SoloMid proceed with a six-man roster featuring two AD carries, or were simply attempting to appease the community whilst they edged WildTurtle out of the picture, will be revealed in the near future. TSM insist that they will continue to search for a substitute ADC, though whether the announcement serves simply to save face for the organisation remains to be seen.

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