Which Premier League top six clubs’ fans annoy us the most?

Ben Mountain

Every club has it’s fair share of annoyingness. From corporate PR-stunts gone wrong, to that one player who can’t help but fire their mouth off, there’s something we love to hate about all of them. And, for the top six, this is even more so the case. Especially when it comes to their fans.

There’s something about seeing victory among others that always manages to irk us beyond despair in this country. What a cynical bunch we are. But when that victory is constant and regular, we feel entitled to our annoyance. Don’t we? In fact, we feel all the more entitled when that victory belongs to the wealthy, popular and persistently present top six of the English Premier League.

As they jostle for the top spot each season – ostracising the minnows below them from glory – our annoyance and dislike only increases. And with bigger, more popular clubs; comes bigger, more annoying people. Just look at Arsenal Fan TV.

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Everyone gets annoyed by the keyboard warriors who wax lyrical over some tedious and over-relied upon stat from nine years ago, despite never having actually been to a live game and instead living at home whilst their mothers disapprovingly tidy their lonely, dark bedrooms. Or, at least, we at CLICKON do. Maybe we’re just sensitive. They’re very frustrating people, though; no doubt currently warming up their fingers for yet another inspired rant as you read this now.

It’s times like these – when the undeserving, disloyal and generally unpassionate fans choose to soak up the glory of ‘their’ club; usually several hundred miles away – that our irritant levels absolutely hit the roof.

Anyway, sit down and grab a stress-ball. We’ve ranked the most annoying fans of the Premier League’s top six clubs in order. Deep breaths and enjoy, if you can.

Whether you agree – or more likely disagree – with this selection, you can now take comfort from one thing. For the top six supporters of you out there, at least you competed in one serious competition this season. Take pride, your annoyingness is being noticed. Now, please, feel free to vent your frustrated disagreements below. It won’t make you any better, though it may shift your club up a place or two in our estimations.

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