England’s best uncapped XI highlights the struggles the Three Lions face

Rumour has it, that you’re never more than six-feet away from a former England international, such is the carefree nature in which the Three Lions award caps. 

No doubt that the likes of Carlton Palmer, Steve Guppy and Danny Mills meet every third Wednesday of the month, at the local Bridge club, wearing nothing but their England caps for a good ol’ reminisce.

Despite England’s managers casting their net far and wide, and having a very low criteria in what is worthy of international recognition, there’s still a few that slip through the cracks.

Here’s England’s currently playing uncapped XI:

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Must admit, we are already very excited by the amount of unwarranted offence and disgust you lot will find with this. But as long as you can hide behind your keyboards and use the classic David Haye line of: “your mum”, then you carry on as you see fit.

And no, West Ham fans, Mark Noble isn’t ‘missing’ or better than any of the midfielder selected. The Hammers centre-mid was considered for the XI but then common sense and a footballing brain kicked in.

Overall, though, if this is basically England’s ‘B team’ you can see why the Three Lions’ greatest achievement since 1966 is John Barnes rapping.

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