25 Years of the Premier League: The most disappointing squads

Tamhas Woods

Exactly 25 years have passed since the Premier League was signed, sealed and delivered by faceless (likely pinstriped and double-breasted) suits. It is common knowledge that the formation of the Premier League in 1992 was in direct response to the ailing state of English football.

Too many sceptics, the subsequent slew of foreign players into Premier League squads was the death knell of the English national team. Maybe so, but those same sceptics would do well to remember that the title-winning Leicester squad of 2015/16 was largely English.

Richard Keys saw many Premier League squads come and go, including his beloved Coventry
In August, we celebrate 25 years of the Premier League. Mr Keys’ tailor was sacked shortly after this photograph was taken.

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Opponents of the Premier League may also bemoan the emergence of heartless investors, as the so-called “Prawn Sandwich Brigade” continues its virulent, interminable growth.

Rather than invest in youth and form a band of brothers over a period of years, any perennial loser of a club can now become godlike overnight if a multi-billionaire oligarch simply likes the cut of the board’s jib. It is a far from ideal state of affairs, but it’s not like Manchester City are winning the title every year, is it?

At least there is some variety here in England…

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You are no football fan at all if you haven’t already seen an innumerable array of drab “top ten” lists, such as those detailing the worst relegated sides in history. You know how they go, always culminating in Derby’s class of 2008 – which didn’t even get enough points to incur a driving ban.

We look today at the most underachieving Premier League squads from each of the 25 seasons to date. Don’t agree with us? Most of these teams were not relegated, and even the ones that were didn’t break any particular records. However, they still fell way short of the standards expected from them…


Some seriously disappointing seasons from decent clubs. It just goes to show how a combination of a top manager and decent players, coupled with previous success does not always guarantee triumph the following year. Sometimes though, it’s just the players attitude which is stopping the team achieving, look at Leicester City this year.

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