The Old Firm XI of the 21st century

Adam Brown

The ‘Old Firm Derby’ is a match which is looked to as one of Europe’s biggest games. Despite the lower reputation of the SPL, the intense rivalry between Celtic and Rangers has always been clear. The game between Glasgow’s two biggest sides encompasses more than just football – it traditionally involves religion too, in a football match between the Catholics of the Hoops and the Protestants of the Gers. 

Whilst a large amount of players and supporters probably don’t care about the religious element of the ‘Old Firm Derby’, it certainly adds fuel to the game – it creates a division between the Glaswegians – and entertainment for the neutral.

Both sides have had some great players over the years, from Champions League winners to current respected managers. Some passionate fans may repulse the idea… but if we were to focus on football, not rivalry or religion, which players would make the best ever 21st century Glasgow XI? We’ve added a bench in too.

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Of course, some players who would be definite selections have narrowly missed out based on the period in which they played for Celtic or Rangers. Players like Ally McCoist, Brian Laudrup and Kenny Dalglish were all excellent, but did not play in the 21st century.

Regardless, the 21st century XI has no shortage of talent. Whilst there’s plenty of debate over whether Celtic could compete in the Premier League, the 21st century team of both Glasgow sides could definitely hold their own in England. Should the Old Firm sides have combined their two great teams to make one? They would have had to put their religious views aside but the financial rewards would have been worth it. What a team it would have been, too.


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