WATCH: Rekkles Returns To The Front Line To Lead Fnatic To Victory

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson future with eSport heavyweights Fnatic was one of the major talking points ahead of the return of the EU LCS Summer Split. Following an emotionally straining split as captain of FNC, Rekkles marked his return to the rift in the black and orange of Fnatic with a commanding performance, leading his teammates to victory over Misfits.

Fnatic’s captain was back to his best during the team’s opening fixture of the EU LCS Summer Split, blowing Misfits away with some uncharacteristically aggressive plays on Tristana, leading from the front line.

Rekkles on-going battle with personal issues were widely publicised throughout the Spring Split, reinforced by the announcement that the veteran AD Carry had been living separately from the Fnatic gaming house and his teammates. The move certainly proved to be beneficial for Rekkles and the rest of the team’s performance, given their shift in fortunes towards the end of the split. The Swede later opted to miss the team’s bootcamp in South Korea.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Any doubts regarding Rekkles commitment to the Fnatic cause were quickly dispelled however, as the team captain led the charge against an overwhelmed Misfits squad. Game 1 snowballed almost immediately, as Paul “sOAZ” Boyer secured a comfortable first blood in the top lane and Misfits turrets began to crumble across the map.

Co-ordinating with mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther’s Taliyah, a number of inch-perfect Weaver’s Walls split Misfits apart to allow Rekkles and co. to launch a full-scale assault. After decimating Misfits’ base with a ruthless baron power play, Fnatic secured Elder Dragon and proceeded to wrap up the opening game.

Growing in confidence, Rekkles placed himself in the heart of the Fnatic comp once more in Game 2, ruthlessly asserting his dominance early in the game with a triple kill at the six minute mark.

Rekkles impressive play had secured Fnatic an insurmountable gold lead in under 10 minutes. Rotating around the map following their captain’s commands, FNC burnt through several towers, including a impressive Rift Herald play that saw all three of Misfits’ mid lane towers fall at 10 minutes.

Unstoppable in the mid game, Rekkles fearlessly leapt from victim to victim to improve his already impressive Tristana score. Fnatic secured all three inhibitors by 21 minutes, ending the series two minutes later after securing Baron once more. Rekkles finished the series with a KDA total of 11/0/11.

Having been given the necessary time to rest and prepare for the EU LCS Summer Split, Rekkles has rejoined his teammates upon their return from Seoul, rejuvenated and ready to mount a serious title challenge. Considering the turmoil Rekkles experienced during the EU LCS Spring Split, Fnatic fans should take great delight in witnessing their star carry back at his best.


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