Captain fantastic or major disappointment?

The Premier League is not a place for those faint hearted; goals, crunching tackles and red cards aplenty on any given match day. With the speed and ferocity of the league only increasing as they years have gone by, every club needs a player that can keep a cool head, and lead his teammates into the toughest situations.

Be they the team’s top goalscorer, dynamic midfielder, rock solid defender or ever dependable goalkeeper, the captain is massively important, as the other players often look to him for inspiration when the game is tough, with his inspirational qualities vital.

With the captain crucial to the team, we take a look at the influential men from each club:

While many of the above captains do not play regular football due to age and injury, they are still incredibly important players. The captain’s job is not an easy one, modern football is rife with undermining of players, and the captain is no exception.

However, these 20 men are an example to the next generation of football. After all, only a captain would choose to knee a player in the back in a Champions League semi-final, nice one John Terry! And only a captain could spend more time in the treatment room that on the pitch.

Football is not for the faint hearted, and neither is being a captain. While many of the above should be replaced at the end of the season, they are all fantastic examples of how no one player or skill set is the perfect match for a club.

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