Mourinho will win more with Manchester United than Conte at Chelsea

They are two of the Premier League’s best teams and they locked horns once again in the FA Cup on Monday evening, with Chelsea coming out deserving victors over Manchester United. The win kept Antonio Conte in the hunt for the Double, while Jose Mourinho has already won one cup this season, but which manager will win more trophies with their respective clubs?

The shouts of “Judas” aimed at Mourinho last night were harsh to say the least. Some parts of the Chelsea support decided to show off some truly incredible short term memory skills, as they forgot about the three Premier League titles he brought to Stamford Bridge.

The fans seem to have become so besotted with current coach Antonio Conte, that they have forgotten that the manager that really ignited their current Premier League era, was the man they fired abuse at.

Which manager will win the eventual battle of trophies hoarding, though? For Jose Mourinho, he is at a club that is touted as far more stable than their rivals. Manchester United stuck with Sir Alex Ferguson after a difficult start, and they were rewarded with a wealth of trophies. David Moyes and Louis van Gaal were deemed victims of their predecessors success, but in actual fact, both were just an awful fit for what Manchester United wanted.

However, with a trophy already in the bag, the higher ups at Old Trafford will probably be satisfied as long as they see a continued progression under Mourinho until the end of the season.

For Conte, the transformation at Chelsea has been better than his remarkable hair gain:

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The former Juventus manager has been unbelievably good this season, taking an abject Chelsea team from last season, and turning them into a side that is running away with the league. Of course, some will say that the Blues are closer to a team of mercenaries, only playing when they decide they want to, and throwing their manager under the bus when it goes wrong. Who was the last man they did that to? Oh yeah.

For Conte, though, he will know that one bad season can see a premature end to management with Chelsea. Jose Mourinho won the Premier League the season before, but in the next campaign he was sacked before Christmas, following a weak opening to their title defence.

Who will go onto win more, though? Mourinho has the edge in longevity, as Manchester United know that chopping and changing has not worked for them in recent years, while world-class managers are currently at a premium. Of course, nobody needs to be reminded of Chelsea’s cut and run technique with managers.

Squad wise, Conte this time takes it. Chelsea have shown how good their squad is when called upon, as any team that can consistently bench Cesc Fabregas and then bring him on for the last 10 minutes must have a squad of good depth. For Manchester United, they are a squad that depends far too much on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, displayed by their defeat last night. While they battled valiantly with 10-men, they were toothless going forward and missed the talismanic Swede up-front.

With their previous teams, Conte once again takes the point, winning three Serie A titles in successive years, while he also lead Juventus to two Supercoppa Italiana’s in 2012 and 2013. For Mourinho, he won the Premier League title in his second stint with Chelsea, and he also lead the Blues to a victory in the League Cup over fierce rivals Tottenham, so not a bad second stint all in all.

Realistically, it is very difficult to predict who will win more in their time at their respective clubs. Conte has the edge in most departments, and he has a head start as he inherited a side that are used to winning titles, while Mourinho’s men are still getting used to high pressure cup matches.

Due to Chelsea’s propensity to sack managers on a whim, the safer money would be on Mourinho though. While Conte may win more in a short space of time than his rival, the Portuguese manager is likely to be with his side for longer, and so will have more chances to eclipse what Conte does at Chelsea. After all, Conte could be out of the job by next Christmas after winning the title if the fate of their last manager is anything to go by.

It seems apt then to finish with Jose Mourinho owning those fans that once lauded him as the ‘Special One:

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