The transfer value of every single Tottenham player has been decided

Stuart Plant

As it stands you would be hard pressed to find a team more likely to catch up with Chelsea than their London rivals Tottenham. As it stands the West London club continue to look to wrap up the Premier League as early as possible, but if any team is going to push them until the end it will be this incredibly talented Tottenham Hotspur squad.

With that in mind, many fans of both, and neutrals, will be looking at using the old “Yeah, well you’ve just bought your success!” line. Yawn, wake up, this is the Premier League remember ladies and gents. So, instead of looking at how much Tottenham have indeed spent on their squad, lets flip that and assess just how much their squad is actually worth.

If one club has received more accolades for individuals so far this season, it is undoubtedly Tottenham, whether it be Alli, Kane, Alderweireld or Lloris, the north London club just can’t help continually turning on the style. But how much are they worth on their own merits?

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So there you are, it’s profit galore, just as Daniel Levy likes running Tottenham. With some real profit to be made on a handful of these players, Tottenham fans may want to be wary of him cashing in again a la Gareth Bale, and the inevitable two-year period to actually spend the money.

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