The transfer value of every single Manchester United player has been decided

Out of Europe’s top five leagues, Manchester United have the world’s most expensively assembled squad ever. When the season kicked off, the Red Devils had spent roughly £626million to put together a squad befitting of challenging for sixth place in the Premier League. 

With Jose Mourinho now 10 months into his volatile tenure at Old Trafford, how much is the current squad of overhyped prima donnas worth now? Could United recoup more than the £626million forked out to get Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard in the same team?

It’s a tough one when deciding transfer values, it’s such a subjective discussion. Are you basing it on what a player could be, like Rashford? Glimpses of what they’ve previously shown, like Martial? Monetary value they’d bring to the club off of the pitch, such as Pogba? Or is the value based upon just how important each footballer is to their individual clubs?

One thing is for certain, though, and that is that Manchester United’s powers that be have not been smart with their slapdash approach to the transfer market. Another summer of throwing money awaits.

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