Arsenal and Lukaku are the perfect match

Ben Mountain

If there’s one thing that anyone can say about Everton over the last decade, it’s this: they’re always about. And by about, we mean inconspicuously lingering around the top half of the table. For their departing talisman, therefore, Arsenal would be the perfect next step.

Over the recent years, Merseyside has been a hotbed for the unambitious and underachieving. Liverpool and Everton have become comfortable homes for those who aren’t quite good enough for the top four, but just about able enough for the top half. By signing on the dotted line at either of these two historic clubs, players consign themselves to the back-end answers of a 2025 Trivial Pursuit game. They sign to scrape a cup run, or a top six spot if they’re lucky. At Everton in particular, they sign to be thrown onto the growing heap of what ifs that litters the Premier League.

Cahill, Saha, Mirallas; the list is endless and makes for painful reading. Hey, who remembers that once burning star of Nikica Jelavić? Yeah, the former Premier League Player of the Month and prodigal son of every Scouse who wore blue? He’s now slowly stagnating over in the Chinese Super League. Just another discarded talent from the production line at Goodison Park.

And now, much to Everton’s disappointment, one man has made wise a break for it. Having played far below his standard for nearly four seasons, Romelu Lukaku has decided it’s time to jump ship. Rejecting a club-record contract, the big Belgian grabbed his chance to save a promising career and make the switch to a more successful club. And he was absolutely right to. There are dozens of clubs that now want him.

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A return back to his English parent club in Chelsea could be on the cards, but somewhere else in London would be far better. Romelu Lukaku and Arsenal FC is a match made in heaven.

Whether you’re #WengerIn or #WengerOut – or, for the matter, one of those clueless tools on Arsenal Fan TV – you have to agree with us here. Big Rom to Arsenal would be the ideal move for both parties.

For the Belgian striker, he’s been a big 6ft 3′ fish in an upper-mid-table pond for too long now. A transfer was imminent. 25 goals from 32 appearances this season at the age of  23 show just how talented this man is. And he’s not without experience, either. Anderlecht and West Brom have both benefited from good spells with Lukaku leading the attack. Add over 140 games for Everton and over 50 for his country and you’ve got quite the perfect ready-made forward.

In fact, even at Everton, Lukaku is the second highest league scorer this season. He leads Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez by two.

So, what about the Gunners? After a season too many of relying upon Olivier Giroud to (inconsistently) net the goals, Arsene Wenger has finally begun to employ a more lucrative source of net-finders. Sadly, it’s his midfield. Alexis Sánchez, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil are all part of Arsenal’s top four scorers. The only genuine striker in there is third one the list is the aforementioned Mr Giroud.

Argue it all you like but having Alexis Sanches up top is limiting. No matter how many goals the Chilean nets, he will always be restricted in that position. The fella is a monster in midfield and, creatively, one of the smartest players in the league. But, never mind, in his blind persistence Le Professeur is edging him away from north London anyway.

Step forward Romelu Lukaku.

With a chance to play for a genuine top four club and look to earn some real silverware, big Rom would be deranged not to make the switch down south. And now is the best time for him to do it. Stepping in to replace Sanchez, possibly under fresh new management, Lukaku would become the ultimate talisman for the Gunners. And, like we said, he’s still only 23. Surely, if there is a god, Arsenal will make at least one convincing title challenge before the Belgian waves bye-bye to football.

He must have hope.

And, talking of hope, that is exactly what he would bring to the hoards of disillusioned tourists fans in N5. A big money buy with a proven talent would get the Arsenal faithful behind their team once again. He’s what they’ve been crying out for, for the past three seasons.

And now, it’s his time to impress.

Let’s just hope Wenger’s pockets open wide enough for him. Rom, for your own sake, take whatever he offers.

Oh dear, Jim…

If Lukaku does join Arsenal, would he eventually find a spot in the best XI that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have managed?

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