The transfer value of every Arsenal player has been decided

Adam Brown

Arsenal are a side who could be very active in the upcoming transfer window – especially if they miss out on fourth place. There’s already been a host of rumours circulating on various Twitter accounts about the futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, but how much can the Gunners expect to receive if they were to lose their key stars? The Gunners fans will be hoping that the board will be willing to spend money should the worst occur.

With the squad Arsenal have, there’s more than enough assets for the board to be extremely tight and only spend what they make from sales. There’s also the issue of who to sign to replace some of the departing Gunners – it’s tough to think of who you could bring in to replace a player like Alexis.

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It’s easy to empathise with Arsenal fans in regards to their concerns – the squad really isn’t that far off. Of course, it’s easy to be hypothetical – but if Arsenal acquired Kante as well as a big money move for a highly reputable striker, they would be challenging for the league this year. Why are the board not spending more? It took them long enough to sign Perez and he isn’t being used correctly either – he has to play more games.

When you’re so close to competing for the league title, you have to make bold moves. If Arsenal lose Alexis this summer, they are likely to find themselves unable to replace him. Similarly with Liverpool – Luis Suarez was never replaced which ensured that the title challenge was a one-off year. The fans at the Emirates deserve better.



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