Guardiola’s philosophy hasn’t stopped him becoming Europe’s greatest centurion

Pep Guardiola: commendable for using attack as his form of defence? Or just plain stupid? Probably the latter. It’s one thing being a proud man, sticking to your guns and philosophy to try and play the game the ‘right way’. However, when there’s no major need for this – and against the highest-scoring team in Europe – then don’t do it.

Pep replicated more of a stubborn fool in Manchester City’s exit against Monaco. Nevertheless, his previous managerial clubs have led him to become the most successful manager in Europe after 100 games. Easily understood when you have players from Bayern Munich and Barcelona at your disposal, but still very impressive.

Which managers have come close to Pep’s record in their first 100 games in Europe… 

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Some seriously strong managers floating about. It’s just a shame for Pep that his next 50-odd games in Europe are more likely to mirror van Gaal at Manchester United; you simply can’t play all out attack in the knockout stages without a ball-winning midfielder, and only one recognised centre-half.

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