The players who shouldn’t have earned a living in top flight football

To many observers, England’s top flight is the best league in the world – but that doesn’t mean that all of those who have played it in over the years are high calibre footballers. In fact, simple logic tells us that the majority of players are, in fact, average – and although most of them find their level in the lower leagues, some slip through the cracks.

Whilst the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and Ryan Giggs have been responsible for stunning goals and breath-taking skill, the Premier League wouldn’t be where it is today without those bit-part, bang average players (who are needed, if for no other reason, to make up the numbers).

If you’re over the age of 18, and not yet on the books of a professional football team, it’s probably fair to say your hopes of making a living playing the Beautiful Game are slim – but you can certainly derive hope from these 10 players who, inexplicably, ended up in the top flight.

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Just as you can’t have day without night, or joy without sorrow, we wouldn’t be able to call the great players great without a raft of bang average wannabes to which to compare them. For that, we owe all of these dreamers a debt of gratitude.

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