Goalkeeper who fed his ex-partner to dogs has been signed to a new club

  • May, 2009, Bruno Fernandes becomes the club captain of famous Brazilian side, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. 
  • May, 2010, Bruno Fernandes – a goalkeeper – scores a free-kick against Fluminense. 
  • July, 2010, Bruno Fernandes’ contract at the club is terminated following the investiagtion of his murder into his ex-partner, Eliza Samudio. 

In what can only be described as a shocking tragedy in football, Fernandes – a goalkeeper once tipped tipped for a Brazilian cap – was found guilty of the plotting and ordering of the murder into his ex-partner. A crime later discovered to be carried out by Bruno’s cousin, Fernandes de Souza. The cousin revealed how Ms Samudio was killed, and then fed to Fernandes’ dogs in a mortifying act of murder.

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With the the then-25-year-old being sentenced to 22 years in prison, the goalkeeper has been released following a legal technicality by the Brazilian courts; he had served just seven years of his sentence.

The court case argued how victim, Samudio, was claiming compensation for the child of Fernandes whom the pair had conceived. This was during a time when Fernandes was in the process of a trying to complete a transfer to AC Milan. The Telegraph then reported how the goalkeeper accepted she was killed for a fee of £8,000.

The premature release of such an inmate has caused uproar in Brazil. But, more shockingly the news that Brazilian side, Boa Esporte, have signed the 32-year-old has caused controversy across the country. The club’s President, Rone Moraes da Costa, released the following statement…

“Esporte Clube was not responsible for the release and freedom of the athlete Bruno.

[Bruno] deserves a new opportunity as a professional, The club has no relation with Bruno’s personal actions, nor with his past, having hired only the professional.”

Rone Moraes da Costa

It seems totally barbaric that such an individual is out of prison, let alone being signed to a new club. The backlash has seen the main club’s kit sponsor, Kanxa, withdraw their contract immediately from the Brazilian side.

It raises the question on Brazilian corruption, and legality model. Why is such a person having the opportunity to play the game, when this crime has been made? The Brazilian FA themselves, and perhaps the country should have clamped down on limiting Fernandes to be able to play football again.

The case of Ched Evans finding it virtually impossible to find a club following his release from prison highlights a different nature to the justice system in the UK. Where athletes such as Jessica Ennis threatened their name be taken down from the Blades stadium if he returned to the club, others in Brazil – albeit a rare amount – have defended the goalkeeper.

“The goalkeeper, Bruno, committed a crime and paid for it.”

Raphael Odilon

Of course, this is just a minority, and the general consensus is that the 32-year-old should never kick a ball again. Petitions are being put in place to stop the goalkeeper playing for the club. We will see the movements on Fernandes, but, if justice is to go by, a certain individual should not be staining the beautiful games name any further.

Just like this lot, who have all had trouble with the authorities… 


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