The Premier League players that continue to split opinion

Stuart Plant

Ah, the beautiful game. Wonderful goals, brilliant acts of sportsmanship, glorious pieces of skill and – wait, did you say you rate him?! The bickering between sets of fans as to whether a player is actually any good, or, if it’s just rose those tinted opinions coming into the equation is up there with the best things football serves us up on a weekly basis.

Much like the best toast spread going, Marmite in case you were wondering, there seems to have been an influx of players who aren’t even backed by their own fans, which means the topic of who is rated or not has become even more ferociously debated. Social media plays its part here too, naturally.

Opinions are thrown out into the Twitter-sphere willy-nilly and they come back tenfold even quicker to the sorry soul who may even dare to mention Danny Drinkwater being a player worthy of playing International football.


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With every passing matchweek this list would most likely keep changing, which is part and parcel of why the beautiful game is one of opinions. One of the candidates chosen for this summed it up brilliantly himself.

“Football is a game of moments now and if someone does four step-overs, they’ve had an incredible game.”

– Mark Noble

With players coming in and out of form coming and going as quickly as fan opinions plummets and rises, it will forever be impossible to truly nail down who the biggest opinion splitters in the League are.

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