The list of former players that you won’t believe played in the Premier League

Everyone remembers the David Beckhams, Thierry Henrys and John Terrys of the Premier League; those names will stand the test of time. 

But for every one-club-man icons like Steven Gerrard and Ryan Giggs, there’s the players who spend a decade in the top flight of English football, for several different clubs, and barely make double figures.

They’re the players who cling onto the memories of those three minutes they had away at Old Trafford or the random last-minute consolation they scored at Highbury – which turns out to be their only Premier League goal.

If you remember more than five of these, pat yourself on the back!

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Trips down memory lane are all us football fans have left now, with the game being continually taken further and further away from the terraces – can’t be too far off of a Space Jam type tournament on the moon.

The correlation between distinctly average footballer and being a woeful pundit is scary, though. Hopefully the next bunch of average footballers that are currently knocking around the Premier League – looking at you Jonathan Calleri – have higher ceilings as pundits.

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