Leicester City’s Champions League progress is nothing to celebrate

Earlier this week, the remarkable Leicester City story took another twist. They secured their progression in the Champions League and everyone rejoiced. They shouldn’t have.

Last season’s Premier League champions have gone another step further than anyone believed they would. In fact, with Manchester City losing to Monaco, they are now England’s sole representatives in Europe’s premier competition.

Leicester City have gone further than Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. In their first attempt, they have gone further than the Gunners have managed in seven years. The win over Sevilla sparked wild celebrations on the pitch while the fans were equally jubilant in the stands.

Football fans around the world and the media revelled in it too. The underdogs, last season’s impossible heroes, had done it again.

Even the European giants have joined in the story. Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane says he doesn’t want to face them, so does Juventus legend, Gianluigi Buffon. They’re all buying into this so-called magic.

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The Foxes progression, though, is anything but magic. There is absolutely nothing to be celebrated. In fact, the opposite should be happening. Condemnation should be the overriding emotion. Their turnaround in form, which has included three straight wins in the Premier League and Champions League progression, has came on the back of the sacking of Claudio Ranieri.

His removal was the result of a full out player revolt against the man who led them to the unlikeliest of title successes last year. That is why nobody should be celebrating their success in the Champions League. This result against Sevilla will only encourage the current squad that they were right to turn on the Italian.

They will feel vindicated in the manner in which they downed tools and backstabbed their former leader. In a world of increasing player power, that could be disastrous. Players at clubs around the world will now look at Leicester City and use them as a benchmark. Getting the manager sacked at Leicester has had a positive effect there, why can’t it work for us?

There’s already a precedent. Chelsea sacked Jose Mourinho amid a player revolt last season. After guiding them to the title just the year before Mourinho was ousted amid player unrest. The Leicester City squad will have been more than aware of that when they acted.

What happened to him at the Kingpower Stadium on Tuesday evening will only strengthen the idea. Leicester City are vindicating treachery. Player power has slowly been taking over football for a number of years and this episode will only have emboldened it.

And that is why nobody should be celebrating Leicester City’s progression in the Champions League. The outside of it may look extremely pleasing but the core is rotten.

Loyalty in football is a rare commodity as it is. The money from Sky and now BT Sport have helped that. Leicester City’s progression could be the final death knell.

Do Leicester make up one of the most disappointing Premier League’s squads over the leagues history… 


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