The transfer value of every single Chelsea player has been decided

The Premier League table does not always offer a realistic look at where each side should be. However, there is one club that deserves to be exactly where they are, and that is of course Premier League leaders Chelsea.

The Blues have been in unbelievable form, with the turn of the year in particular seeing them open up a sizeable gap on the chasing pack. With so many players hitting top form for the club, we have taken a look at their usual match day squad and evaluated what they would be worth in today’s inflated market:

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So there it is, each Chelsea player given their transfer value. Of course, in today’s hugely inflated modern transfer market, each player is worth far more than they used to be. Last season in particular, the only person that would be close to their current price is N’Golo Kante, and he wasn’t even playing for Chelsea!

However, with the Blues so far ahead of the chasing pack this season and playing some superb football, it is no surprise that they are worth so much. Antonio Conte will now be hoping that a title win won’t herald the same title defence as it did for Jose Mourinho.

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