The pride of Adidas goalkeeping

Goalkeeping has become a far more fashionable art in recent years. The men between the sticks were formerly the player on the pitch that was ‘insane’, and ran about trying to stop a heavy leather ball flying into the back of the net with their bare hands. Times have changed, though.

As football has evolved and, indeed, the football itself has become lighter and more research has gone into its production, so has the goalkeeper glove, with all manner of breakthroughs in latex, finger spines and cuts, meaning that it is no longer a job of just picking the best looking glove, anymore.

At the forefront of glove production is German brand Adidas. Renowned for being at the height of technology, standards and looks, they have been at the very pinnacle of football for many years. They have not just restricted themselves to outside of the 18-yard box either, with some of the best goalkeepers in the world choosing to don this ever evolving brand. Here, we countdown the top five goalkeepers currently showcasing Adidas gloves:

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With Adidas continuing to push the boundaries of glove making, it allows the above five to supplement their own incredible natural ability with a glove that will not let them down. There are a plethora of hugely talented goalkeepers choosing to don Adidas gloves, as the brand continues to grow.

Interestingly, the gap between Neuer and de Gea has been closing with every passing season. With the counter-attacking and physical style of the Premier League proving a difficult place for goalkeepers to play, it has reached the point where many feel de Gea has surpassed his German counterpart.

However, Neuer has been so ethereal that it almost seems as though some take his ability for  granted now. Irrespective, Adidas have some of the best goalkeepers in the world wearing their products, and no matter how de Gea and Neuer are ordered, it can be widely agreed upon that they have the two best goalkeepers in the world in the Spaniard and the German.

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