Chinese SL: Shandong’s strong start is a fluke

Tamhas Woods

The opening month of the 2017 Chinese Super League is drawing to a close, having heralded a new era for Chinese football.

Each team may now field only three foreign players per game, from a roster of five. For teams that wish to become the next success story, this poses potential difficulties. With opportunities for former European luminaries limited, new regulations could negatively affect the entertainment factor  – along with the marketability of the league.

Guangzhou, fifth in the 2017 Chinese Super League
Guangzhou Evergrande celebrates winning the 2015 Asian Champions League. They currently lie fifth in the Chinese Super League. Image Source: VCG/Getty Images

However, here are six players that have stood out significantly in early days of the 2017 Chinese Super League, and could be great marketing weapons in the near future – regardless of their background or nationality. But who will fade, and who will flourish?

2017 Chinese Super League – Players to flourish

We start with a man who could yet become ‘captain fantastic’ for the underdogs of Guangzhou…

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Players to fade

Some harsh but truthful words in the gallery below…

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