The People versus Craig Shakespeare

Tamhas Woods

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust open them.” Malvolio (Twelfth Night – Act 2, Scene 5)

It is only fitting that these immortal words, uttered by one of William Shakespeare’s most dour creations, currently reflect the personal circumstances of the great bard’s namesake at Leicester City in 2017.

After becoming 5000/1 champions in May 2016, Leicester City’s own drama continued with aplomb – albeit on a trajectory more akin to Macbeth. With Claudio Ranieri ignominiously sacked after guiding Leicester from a title win to a relegation battle, Craig Shakespeare has now replaced the Italian on a permanent basis.

Since taking the reins at Leicester, Shakespeare has maintained a perfect league record. His words and actions have opened up a considerable gap over a bottom three (Middlesbrough, Hull and Sunderland) which look increasingly hopeless with every passing week.

But, more significantly, he has taken Leicester City to the quarter finals of the Champions League.

Happier times, but Craig Shakespeare faces a very different situation in 2017.

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Craig Shakespeare – the case against?

Shakespeare’s side has returned to highly effective basics, but the honeymoon period cannot last forever. There is an ever-present expectation that opposing managers will eventually suss his methods, causing him to lose the dressing room as Ranieri did.

Though Shakespeare was always favourite across the board, no bookmaker was without near contenders for the Leicester hotseat.

Four names became particularly prominent while that market was still active. Would any of them have been a better alternative to Craig Shakespeare? See the gallery below to find out!

So, after a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters racked their brains, Craig Shakespeare is undoubtedly the man to take Leicester forward – although his long-term credentials remain in question.

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