Le Professeur’s selfishness is killing his legacy

Ethan Tait

Arsenal are undergoing the usual midseason meltdown that has been characteristic of the north London side for the last decade. The Gunners typically struggle, the fans call for Arsene Wenger’s head, and then find some form after being eliminated from every other competition. Then, the vicious circle repeats. 

This season might be the exception where the consistently average play of the Gunners leads them to finishing outside the top four for the first time in the Wenger era. The terrible stretch of games that has seen Arsenal be embarrassed home and away against Bayern Munich, drop in the table to Manchester United’s favourite spot, and risk the loss of the side’s biggest stars.

But, the abysmal form of the Gunners has revealed an even bigger issue within the side in regards to the Frenchman, that has abused his power in order to convince the Gunners of his actual contributions.


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Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for 21 years. The club have been invincible, but has also been led in attack by the likes of Maroune Chamakh. What has remained constant is the reliance of Arsene Wenger on the club and his unwillingness to admit that the club is much larger than him. Wenger is the hookup that won’t stop calling after it has been blatantly clear that nothing will come from the encounter.

Initially, Wenger brought great success to a club that had been successful, but was yet to reach a new level of European recognition. The Frenchman ushered in a new age of success at the club, but became complacent over time as the North London side was transformed into a breeding ground for young players that really weren’t good enough for the Gunners and a selling club- a stark difference from the age of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira.


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Arsenal is prepared to move on, but Wenger has strategically appealed to the board of directors and owner, Stan Kroenke, with his lack of spending and willingness to sell top players. The club needs the Frenchman to realise that his time has come to say goodbye.

Football is a funny game where there comes a time when the manager’s aspirations no longer matches that of the club. The Gunners need someone to break the same threshold that was broken by Wenger earlier in his Arsenal managerial career.


Arsenal have become pre-Euro 2008 Spain of club football in the past decade. The club is consistently underachieving despite being stacked with talent. The Premier League title should have been in the Arsenal trophy case, but instead the world was treated to the magic of Leicester City.

The club has lost its big game mentality and are in dire need of being resuscitated. Arsene Wenger can go to a club with established success and a proven set of players where he tinkers with tactics and gets his Champions League title, but Arsenal no longer needs the leadership of the Le Professeur. Wenger needs to go in order to prevent his legacy from being tarnished even further.

Even though Jose Mourinho’s been Wenger’s enemy throughout his career; their combined XI of managed players is something else… 


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