From a fireman, to a bar owner; where are the Bolton Wanderers 2004/05 squad?

Stuart Plant

Remember the time Bolton Wanderers forced their way into the UEFA Cup in 2004/05 season? Yeah, the same season when they also should have easily pushed their way into a Champions League spot. All under the guidance of Sam Allardyce; the good ol’ days of the Premier League

Bolton may have had a solid season in 2003/04, although Steve McClaren’s Middlesborough spoiled the party in the League Cup final. Fast forward a year and with a squad littered with transfers that almost seemed too good to pull off (…ahem, we’re looking at you Sam) the Wanderers were able to pull off a brilliant season, with, a rather brilliant little squad. So, here’s a look at just what has happened to 15 of that squad, and, where they are now…


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This bizarre Bolton squad qualified for the UEFA Cup, the first time the club had been in a European competition. But, Bolton were only 3 points off of a Champions League spot. A bittersweet moment for all involved, none more so than the gaffer.

“We had 39 points after 21 games…ahead of Arsenal, ahead of Liverpool. We needed to spend some money to give us an opportunity to finish in the Champions League and I was turned down flat and told that we don’t want to finish in the Champions League.”

– Sam Allardyce.

Oh what could have been for Bolton, and, for Sam Allardyce. Still, at least everyone involved with this breakthrough Bolton team have gone on to have successful careers in and out of football, eh?

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