China: life in the Super League

Selling your soul to the devil is something that every footballer would’ve contemplated for a moment or two, but these lot actually went ahead and did it.

With the luxurious offers from China being too tempting to turn down, the nine gentlemen on this list made the move to the Far East and never looked back – so the real question is, how are they doing over there?

Great, for the most part, as you’d imagine. For these guys it’s the equivalent of playing against a bunch of Subbuteto toys because when it comes down to it, the Chinese just aren’t on the same level as Europe right now and that isn’t arrogance. It’s just the truth. Sure they may possess one of the most rapidly growing leagues in the world, but we all know that money is the main motivator behind that.

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The real query facing a lot of fans is whether or not they’d do the same thing if they were put in a similar position. We’re pretty confident that we’d take the money, because at the end of the day a better life for your family is more important than anything else. Plus, China is a beautiful country so getting to indulge yourself in a different culture like that isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Or, or – we could just all call them mercenaries because that’s the ‘cool’ thing to do.

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