The forgotten history of the Old Firm

Celtic and Rangers have always been big fish in a small pond. With large, dedicated fanbases, most clubs in the world would should be envious with the prospect of consistent European football – although Rangers have been absent from Europe for five years – they are alluring potential destinations for many players.

Still, the reality in the current generation is that Scotland’s big two are viewed as a stepping stone to the promised land of the English Premier League. Over the years, however, both Celtic and Rangers have attracted an array of talent from across the globe. While there have been numerous successes in that time, not all of the Old Firm’s acquisitions have reached heady heights.

From former legends in the twilight of their careers to ambitious youngsters from across the globe, both of these clubs have had their fair share of forgettable signings. Like the Arsenal legend who had the briefest of stints at Celtic or the Rangers defender who’s career was so memorable he became a famous TV chef. There’s also a Brazilian superstar who was a cult hero for a Premier League club but disappeared without a trace at Celtic and a Champions League-winning Manchester United defender who flopped at Rangers. Let’s take a look at some of the players you probably forgot even played for Celtic or Rangers…

It’s clear to see why none of these guys made in into the greatest Celtic-Rangers team XI of the 21st century.

In a season where Brendan Rodgers looks to take his Hoops side to an unbeaten season, the SPL still cannot get the respect it feels it deserves. But that depends on whether you think Celtic going through a campaign without defeatĀ is a sign of their strength or a weakness of the league…

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