The forgotten players at the San Siro

Stuart Plant

Both Milan clubs have had the luxury of having an incredible list of world-class players within their ranks. However, due to their ability to persuade players into joining on the basis of: ‘It’s playing for Inter/AC Milan!’, that list of world-class players is littered with forgotten players.

Whether it is because of injury, they played better elsewhere, or, they were just outright rubbish.

Of course, there are many players who could have made the list. Unfortunately. for both Milan clubs, and, for all of us we don’t have nearly enough time to sit here and go through those who were absolutely atrocious. Here though, is a list compiled of 18 of those forgotten for their time at either Milan club.

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Considering the rivalry between the two, it is extremely easy to forget just how many players whether successful, or not, have played for both Milan teams.

There is a relationship between the two which has often seen the Milan clubs swapping players, hence, the reason why so many of the players listed (and otherwise) have ended up playing for both Inter and AC Milan.

How many of these former Milan players did you remember? How many more can you think of? Let us know yours!

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