Daredevil skateboarder-turned-cage fighter attempting most outrageous stunt yet

Sirius/XM Radio Personality Jason Ellis can’t stop. He has done everything to the extreme since before he was seventeen and he’s about to do it again. On Saturday May 6th, Ellis will be racing a Superlite in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in the morning and then entering a cage for an MMA fight that same night.

If you think this sounds like something that should be in the Guinness Book of World Records, you might be right. Ellis is no stranger to being a record holder. He held the top spot for the biggest drop on a skateboard launching himself down a 70 foot ramp in 2001. He isn’t a stranger to fighting either. Last year he fought a one-armed Shane Carwin in front of an audience. It didn’t go Jason’s way, exactly.

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Ellis has constantly outdone himself over the last 25 years. He moved from Australia to the US as a teenager to become a professional skateboarder. He accomplished the goal and was considered one of the world’s best for almost 20 years before officially retiring in 2006.

Since then, he launched a hit radio talk show, acted in movies, became a professional MMA fighter, started his own festival (Ellis Mania), has a comedy/metal band called Death! Death! Die!, is the author of two books, and now will embark on professional racing career. The world’s most interesting man has an equally noteworthy partner in crime – his smokin’ hot, heavily tattooed fiance/business partner is an absolute smokeshow, check her out in this slideshow:

The Race

This guy is absolutely incredible. He doesn’t seem to know when to quit. Most people would have been ecstatic over just the professional skateboarding career. But Jason just seems driven to accomplish everything and be one of the best. So far he hasn’t let his audience and fans down.

According to off road racing fans, Ellis is really good. He has put in a lot of hours and is getting tips from pros in order to be the best he can be out there. He is scheduled to race the whole season.

If Jason keeps this up he will be in the top 5 in no time.

Blake Wilkey

The Fight

The very same night after the race, Ellis will get into a cage and fight. This is only Ellis’ second professional MMA fight. Follow him on Instagram and you will be convinced that all he does is train. He’s ready and confident that he will take down Gabe Revis in the King of the Cage match.

He won his first fight against Tony Gianopulos by guillotine choke submission in 2009. A few years later, Jason returned to the ring to fight Gabe Ruediger in a non-professional fight that he also won, this time by KO.

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There is so much to tell when it comes to Ellis’ life. He has had more happen to him than most people can ever imagine. His talent, candid nature, and humor have propelled him to a quiet superstardom. There are so many people that have yet to hear about him, but those who have an undeniable allegiance that cannot be denied. Check out the Wolfknives if you want see for yourself.

Jason could easily win the race and the fight on May 6th. If he does, it will be just another day at the office, but for professional racing and MMA fighting, it raises the bar. It will no longer be enough to win just one.

Ellis tries as hard as he can at everything he does. He’s a real motivation to a lot of people and proves that if you put your mind to something you really can do it. Most people just don’t try as hard as him.

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