Football’s born entertainers

Adam Brown

A team of players who are unrivalled in flair, would provide both one of the best attacking and most exciting sides in history.  

Some may look at eccentric skills as completely unnecessary – especially Colombians in the era of scorpion-kick goalkeeper, Rene Higuita. At some point, you need to find the line between eccentricity and getting the win for the team, but where is the fun in that?

The ultimate freestyle flair XI – whilst lacking in the passing department, everyone is comfortable on the ball, and therefore able to produce a moment of magic at any point in the match. Of course, for that reason, David Luiz will be expected to make countless slaloming runs from defence, but what else can we expect from the side? We’ve put together the team in a 3-4-3 formation.

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What a team. There will be no shortage of goals from this side, but realistically – would it be that fun to play in? With everyone so determined to show off their skills and everyone with the mindset to dribble, many opportunities to make a pass will be ignored.

It’s a team that the likes of Xavi and Xabi Alonso would hate to play in. Players who like to keep the ball down and create intricacy through passing and movement would soon become frustrated when the entire team is always trying to dribble and use skills.

Whilst there would be no tempo and probably not a great deal of chemistry, there would be plenty of individual moments of brilliance. So while it may not be the best team overall, and wouldn’t guarantee the greatest of results – it would be unrivalled for entertainment.

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