Pirean Gives Management A Selection Headache After Popping Off For Team EnVyUs

While there were multiple roster moves made in between splits, some of the most under the radar acquisitions arrived in the mid lane for Team EnVyUs. NV parted ways with starting mid laner Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo at the end of the split, replacing their former Korean mid laner with both former Fnatic Academy mid Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer and former Phoenix1’s Choi “Pirean” Jun-sik.

NV narrowly avoided relegation at the end of the last split, maintaining their spot in the final series of the Promotion Tournament against Gold Coin United, where they were forced to come back and take the series in five games. With a tenth place finish in the regular season, it was obvious changes needed to be made to their starting roster, and most fingers were pointed towards the mid lane as the team’s primary weakness.

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The announcement was made early that Ninja would not be returning to the team, opening up the mid lane to multiple possibilities of who could take over for NV. After tryouts, it was decided not one, but two different mid laners would join the NA LCS strugglers.

Nisqy had recently earned a place in the EU LCS on Fnatic Academy with a Promotion Tournament sweep of Giants Gaming and made sense as a young talent who could continue to develop as he dipped his toes into the NA LCS. Pirean on the other hand, has been around the scene for multiple years, most recently as a live-in substitute for Phoenix1 behind Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook.

Despite signing two mid laners, it was made clear from the beginning that Nisqy would be the eventual starter for the team. While visa issues would keep Nisqy sidelined for a few weeks, Pirean would step in as a temporary substitute for the team. What may not have been expected was the degree to which Pirean would elevate his game early in the split, turning in one of NA’s best performances from the mid lane in the first week.

In NV’s victory over last split’s third place finisher, Phoenix1, Pirean provided a stellar performance over the three-game series. His play on Taliyah was exceptional and he amassed a KDA of 12/3/14 for the series. The victory must have been especially sweet for Pirean as it came against his former team, and a player he had served as a substitute behind for the last split.

After the first week, Pirean is second among mid laners in KDA (5.7) and leads all mid laners in CS per minute (9.3), very impressive statistics considering little was expected from him coming into the split.

This week, NV faces off against Team Liquid and Immortals, and it is not too hard to imagine that they may be able to pull off at least one, if not two, series victories. With momentum and a lineup that is seeming to pull together, if NV and Pirean’s success continues it could be a hard decision when Nisqy finally arrives to assume his role as the starter.

With the struggle that NV experienced last split, it will be hard to justify tampering with a lineup that has been successful early in the split.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Pirean is a player fans will root for: a long time lurker in the NA LCS who has had past struggles, but now has his chance at redemption. He fills the underdog role that Team EnVyUs have become associated with, and his early success is a good sign for the aspirations that NV have moving forward.

A team that could always gain early advantages, but struggled to transition them to victory, Pirean has been a steadying force that helps propel Team EnVyUs through the mid game. With a 2-0 this week or even a 1-1, Pirean will be hoping to provide the NV management with a selection headache as he continues to surpass expectations.

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