Merseyside: the birthplace of title-winners

Adam Brown

The Merseyside Derby usually provides plenty of entertainment for the neutral, but unlike early Premier League years, the games have become more and more competitive.

It’s been a familiar sight to see the Reds have the majority of the success. Everton’s last win against their rivals was back in 2010 – but are they a different team now? Ronald Koeman has got the Toffees in great form at the moment and the Blues look like they could be returning to European football.

Both teams seem to have quality in some areas, but average performers in others – which probably explains why neither are challenging for the title, but what if both teams combined? It would’ve been quite the squad.

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While Liverpool have got more players in the squad overall, it’s Everton who have most players in the starting XI. As you may expect, most of that is down to the defence. Jurgen Klopp’s side are by no means assured in defence – with Matip the only real solid choice at centre-back.

If there are no plans to create a title-winning Merseyside team, then it’s clear who Liverpool’s infamous transfer committee need to be targeting in the summer: Romelu Lukaku. But not just that, a team as big as Liverpool shouldn’t be outnumbered in the starting XI by their presumed, smaller rivals.

Still, Wijnaldum, Mane and Matip all arrived this season and have already established themselves as key players, which of course means one thing: if the German manager can repeat his performance in the transfer market in the summer, Liverpool will certainly be challenging for the Premier League.

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