Football’s loveable chaps for being nothing but themselves

Ben Mountain

It’s far too easy to be a cynic in the world of football. Sometimes, it’s nice just to take a step back and appreciate the more uplifting side to our sport. And these lovable players show us just that.

Most weeks, we’re taken aback by a sublime piece of flair or creativity in a football game. Sometimes a player or gaffer drops a wise-crack and we all end up in stitches. And more often than not, we’ll witness a game that thrills and shocks us as its doting audience.

And we love every one of these things.

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But sometimes we find happiness not from the flashy tricksters or witty wordsmiths, but just from those lads who don’t to do anything but still make us smile.

You know the sorts. Those players who you’d quite happily have at your club, if just to make the tea. They don’t take much abuse, don’t rub anyone up the wrong way and are just generally likable men.

You have nothing against these guys and have no reason to do so, either. Not a bad word is said of them down the pub and they’re seldom slagged off on TV.

Often, they’re the ones we don’t notice. They slip under the radar in a nice guy, polite sort of way.

Well, we’re changing that. Below is CLICKON Soccer’s starting XI and subs of lovable players.

It’s time to put a smile on our faces and appreciate those players who we all love and don’t know why.

Doesn’t that just make you smile? What truly marvellous chaps and generally lovable players.


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