La Liga’s sons of false hope

In any league in the footballing world, there are bound to be five massively over-hyped players for every one that is as good as they actually are. While La Liga boasts Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez and Neymar, they are no exception to the rule, with some truly average players running out each week.

Perhaps this glut of overhyped players is due to the sheer amount of pub teams that La Liga contains. Of course, Big Dave from Stoke is unlikely to be good enough to fill in in goals for Granada, but he isn’t far off getting a call-up. Here, we have put together a starting XI of La Liga’s most overhyped:

Every league in the world is guilty of having players that shouldn’t get paid for what they do. Some of them score goals consistently, but would this be the case for Benzema if he wasn’t surrounded by so much talent?

There are a lot of players that have escaped the wrath of being called out as overhyped, with this XI focussing primarily on the biggest teams in La Liga. But there’s just too many to go through.

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