Out of position and out of favour

There are times in a football game in which the manager is forced to do something drastic. This can be due to an injury and not having cover in a certain position, or the fact that their team is chasing a game and needs another presence up front. Both are viable reasons as to why a player should play out of position.

However, some managers in the Premier League have been guilty of forcing some players to consistently play out of their natural position, which can sometimes work, but usually results in dire consequences:

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It seems that a lot of the players forced away from their positions are actually midfielders by trade. Perhaps a player that is between defence and attack is seen as the perfect middle ground to become a defender. Interestingly, it is a lot of the top teams that are utilising players in wrong positions, perhaps alluding to the fact that they did not strengthen properly in every position in the transfer windows.

Irrespective of this, modern football is a place that demands versatility. Manuel Neuer is the perfect example of this, being the best goalkeeper in the world and a superb sweeper. Realistically, he could probably be used in centre-midfield if Bayern Munich deemed it necessary.

That is why no footballer is worth their salt if they cannot fill in at a different position if they are asked to, but perhaps some of the above players have gotten a rough deal .with how often they are used out of position.

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